Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Present 4 Me!

Today I got a new camera for my birthday. It is a digital camera, a Kodak EasyShare C300 and I can even take videos with it.
Mom took this picture with my new camera and it came with some software so when I put this picture in it I went on special effects and made it look cartoonish. I love my new camera. It is really cool.
Mom gave me an SD card that lets me have 40 pictures! I'm going to try to use it almost every day so I can put new pictures in my blog.
Since I got my camera I want to go to the zoo and take some cool pictures. So we are planning to go the zoo sometime soon. I really love my camera!

Summer Time Rules!

It's summer time and the blooms and plants are growing at full blast! It is beautiful! Here are two of the pictures I took:

Nature is Gods creation! I am glad God made Nature!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Today Is My Birthday!

I'm so happy! My mom just helped me create this blog. I'll try to use it the best I can. I want a camera for my birthday. I borrowed my mom's camera this morning and I took two really cool pictures. Here they are:

My mom is very proud of me! We've been going to VBS every evening this week, except Thursday because we're going to the zoo, and Friday because I'm going to a birthday sleepover at my friend's house. Well that's all for now!