Saturday, March 8, 2008

So Cute!

Zoo Lights

We went to visit the 'Lights Before Christmas' at the zoo. They had "snow", we saw Santa, we roasted marshmallows on the thingamajig, and saw Polar Express in 3D. Also, we saw my picture that won second place in the Zoo Garden Photo Contest. That was cool.

The lights were very pretty. I hope we go again next year.

My Tardy Party

My birthday is June 26th. But everytime I tried to have my party it got postponed for one reason or another. I finally had it on November 16th!!! I invited three friends to spend the night. I had an American Idol Karaoke party. It was a lot of fun. The karaoke CD was High School Musical. We spent hours singing! (In the picture you can see that my cat is looking at the camera. I think she wanted to join the party!)The gifts I received were great, my friends really know me! The cake I had was really pretty and was an ice cream cake, it was heavenly!

I had a lot of fun at this party, if my friends are reading this....HI!!!