Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Catch-Up Post

I have not been blogging, so this is my catch up post from Christmas to now! (Most of these pics were taken by my mom)

Last year for Christmas, we went to Roan Mountain and had a lot of fun. Some of the things we did were we climbed to the top of Roan Mt., we went sledding, we celebrated Uncle Jerry's birthday which is on Christmas Eve, and we saw a whole lot of deer! The Christmas Tree was in our cabin this year. (I even got a mini-tree to keep up in the loft!) We had puzzles in our cabin and Grandpa's cabin, too. It was fun working on those. We also went for a walk by the Doe River.
I love Roan Mountain!

In February I went to my friend, Savannah's birthday party. I stayed up all night except for a 20 minute nap. I was awakened when my friend's squirted canned cheese on my head!

The day after Valentines Day we went to Myrtle Beach for the weekend to see my dad run a marathon. He qualified for Boston and he was VERY, VERY, VERY, happy! After the marathon we went to the Ripley's Aquarium. We also walked on the boardwalk and saw catfish. It was a lot of fun. Our last morning we took a walk on the beach before leaving. We collected some shells, too.
In April I go my spring pictures taken. I thought they turned out pretty good:
When my mom and dad went to the Boston Marathon I got to stay at my friend, Jessica's house for 5 days! We played Webkins, played with the neighbors cats, went swimming, and hung out. I had an awesome time. If you're reading this Jessica, HI!

My honor choir went to Carowinds to sing at the Choral Festival. We were rated 'Superior'! My friend and neighbor, Naomi, was there, too. We hung out together and went on lots of rides. We had a great day. In May, Kai and I had our Martial Arts Tournament. I won first place in Sparring and won some cool nunchucks.

One Saturday, the whole family spent all day working in the yard. We dug stuff up, planted bushes, it was hard work, but lots of fun.

My church has this banquet called the Ripple Awards where they throw the party for everyone who volunteers at the church. This last year, I've been a volunteer in the nursery, so I was invited. I got my hair cut, and wore a beautiful gown. I even borrowed my mom's jewlery! The food was awesome. We played cool games like 'Jeapardy'. We even danced! I had a lot of fun.
This month, after school ended, Grandma and Aunt Edie came for a vist. We went to Edventure, The State Museum, the Riverbanks Zoo, and we ate out a lot. We also went to the Japenese Steak House. It was very entertaining! I don't see them a lot, so I was glad they were able to visit. I'll miss them, but we're going to Connecticut to see them this Christmas. I hope there's snow!
I've had a fun first half of the year! I'll hopefully blog again soon!