Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Tardy Party

My birthday is June 26th. But everytime I tried to have my party it got postponed for one reason or another. I finally had it on November 16th!!! I invited three friends to spend the night. I had an American Idol Karaoke party. It was a lot of fun. The karaoke CD was High School Musical. We spent hours singing! (In the picture you can see that my cat is looking at the camera. I think she wanted to join the party!)The gifts I received were great, my friends really know me! The cake I had was really pretty and was an ice cream cake, it was heavenly!

I had a lot of fun at this party, if my friends are reading this....HI!!!

1 comment:

Debby said...

What a cool (from my generation) party. I'm glad you were able to finally have one.