Monday, July 28, 2008

My Fantabulous Birthday Week!

My brothers both went to camp for a whole week and I was very excited because while they were gone, my mom and I would be spending the whole week together. AND this happened to be the week of my birthday! We did something special every day. On Monday we went to the zoo to take pictures. I brought my dad's camera. My mom downloaded Picassa and I edited them myself. Here are my two favorites:

Tuesday we got a Manicure and Pedicure. The pedicure was AMAZING! It was like a spa. I loved the massage chair!

Wednesday, we went clothes shopping at the mall.

Thursday was my birthday!!!! I went to work with my dad for the whole day. I had a lot of fun. He took me to lunch at 'M' Vista. It was delicious! That night mom took me to the Melting Pot. It was awesome! I was so full. The chocolate was the BEST!

Friday, we went to see Wall-E. It was so funny.

Saturday, after picking up Kai from camp, we went to lunch at Macaroni Grill where I got my presents. I got really cool stuff. I go some cat toys that I asked for because I celebrate my cats birthdays on my birthday. I got a calligraphy set, a new watch, a stress 'Bob', and my favorite gift (which was a combination of allowance, birthday money, and my parents meeting me halfway), is an IPOD! WooHoo!!!!

Sunday I left for my own camp for a week. I love Camp Bethel. The only sad thing was that my camp week was over the 4th of July so I could not spend it with my family. But, we had fireworks at camp, too. They were amazing and so fun. One firework fell over just before it blasted off and skidded across the lake before exploding. It was so funny!

After I got home I was really grouchy for about a week (says my mom) until I slept in until 10am three days in a row. UGH.

It was the most amazing birthday I've ever had. It was awesome, and spectacular and hope my birthday next year will be just as cool!

P.S. Thankyou to Grandma, Aunt Edie, Grandpa & Grammy, and Mom and Dad for helping me get my awesome IPOD!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

You are a good "blogger." I'm so glad you had a blast. You seemed excited that day before.

see ya wednesday,
Jessica ;)